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My computer is an Imac 24 inch core 2 Duo early 2009 with OS 10.6.8. Machine Model: Imac 9,1. This is about Skype. I had OS 10.6.4 and Skype was working. One day a pop-up window said I needed to update Skype. So I did and the new version. 6.15 did not work. A few months ago I sent my Imac to be updated from 10.6.4 to 10.5.8 and also to be fixed if necessary. The professional service said he couldn't get Skype to work.  If you can figure this out, it would be most appreciated.

I assume you mean "updated from 10.6.4 to 10.6.8"

Symptoms?  Skype opens or not, it does not connect? with an error?
The current version is  meaning this is a bug fix for ver 6.15.0

Supposedly, skype ver 6.15 works on 10.6.8
All OS X 10.610.8 users can head over to  and get version 6.15. This is a very solid release and you can still use all of the main features without any problems (i.e. group video, group chats, screen sharing etc).
Note that you should only use the link above, it serves you with a correct update for your OS version, direct links (to DMG files) can work, but are not guaranteed to do so.

I would start the iMac with SHIFT key down (Safe Mode) that does repairs (should be done monthly or every 3 months)
I would uninstall and download and install Skype and test.
If not working.

I would create a new user in System Preferences and log in as that user and test.

This page lists older versions for download, I do not know if this will work.

Console in the utility folder shows error messages, check and see if there are any for Skype.

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