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QUESTION: (This is not a spam question or a homework question)
I was wondering would you please explain to me in a simple way that I can understand: wot is safe mode?


ANSWER: WOT is Web of Trust -   and prevents you from going to evil webpages that may infect you.
It is installed in each browser - Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, whichever ones you use.

Safe Mode is a simple boot method both in OSX and Windows. It loads only the most necessary operating system files and few things that have been installed by the user.  [SHIFT key down when booting]
Safe Mode in OSX runs a hard drive and permissions repair function that can also be run in Disk Utility.
Safe Mode is used in diagnosing problems. If the problem does not appear in Safe Mode, it narrows the possibilities.
The Hard Drive repair (disk first aid) can NOT be run on a hard running OSX.
This repair can be run in Single User Mode, from a Recovery Partition that is booted from, an external hard drive or flash drive that boots the system. OR from Safe Mode before the OSX interface loads.

Safe Mode should be run once a month for maintenance purposes.

A simple Google "OSX Safe Mode" will bring up descriptions  Google "Safe Mode" will bring up only apple references.

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QUESTION: (This is not a spam question or a homework question)
I was wondering would you please tell me: when would mac users have to use save mode?


Mac Users do not have to run Safe Mode.
They can let directory errors accumulate and get worse until the internal hard drive does not boot.

Computer users should do monthly maintenance on their computers.
That is why the computer manufacturer puts such utilities in the operating system.
Safe Mode is the easiest and cheapest way to do minimal monthly maintenance.
Google "osx monthly maintenance"  or  "monthly maintenance"

Maintenance utilities - Safe Mode runs Disk Utility and Preference repair.
YASU, Cocktail, and Onyx are maintenance utilities from third parties.

Windows has similar utilities and the users also have to deal with infections, malware, and bitrot.

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