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I’m using Outlook for Mac 2011. I set up an account for my gmail, using smtp. I get emails in my regular Outlook Inbox which is what I want, but I also get duplicate emails in my gmail inbox within Outlook.

Do you have any idea how I can eliminate the duplicate emails that are going to the gmail inbox?

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ANSWER: OSX Version?  Outlook exact version.
There are bugs in Outlook running in El Capitan.
Google "osx outlook 2011"

The top Inbox is most often the combined inboxes for all email accounts with the individual inboxes below.
I do not know if this behavior can be changed.


Setting up a Gmail account is IMAP by default, the old option was POP,
SMTP is the Gmail server that sends emails, not receive.

You can send emails using the Gmail server for a account, Live account, account.
OR use the SMTP server that is part of another email account.

Google "pop vs imap" for more info

You can also view email accounts in THREE email clients like Thunderbird,, and Outlook. At the same time.
OR view them in the webmail option that is included with all email accounts.

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QUESTION: Here are my specs:
Outlook for Mac 2011 v14.6.3
OS El Capitan, version 10.11.4

I do know that the behavior can be changed. It was working fine, until I deleted the gmail account in Outlook when I thought the account was corrupted. I recreated the account, and don't remember how to stop the duplicate emails.

If you do not know how to resolve the duplicate email issue, that is fine, just let me know.


If a program is not doing or doing something, preferences is the first stop.

If you’re only using IMAP accounts with Outlook, turn off the On My Computer mailboxes. Go to the Preferences, select General, and check the box, “Hide On My Computer folders.” The other options here are how inboxes are displayed.

This page shows screenshots of the preferences.

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