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Macs/Apples/Macbook frozen, how to unfreeze without force quitting?


QUESTION: My MacBook froze right after my Data Recoverery Software just finished scanning. I've scanned it for two days already and I don't want to do it again! My screen froze and I can't move my cursor or anything. I don't want to restart it or force shut it down because then I'll lose the data... Is there anyway to unfreeze the Mac without restarting it? Please help me!
Ps: the strip beside the Mac does not lighten. I've tried to close the screen down (lid) for a few minutes and when it is closed the strip lights up. I opened it again but nothing happened. The strip didn't light up again. Don't know if that helped...

ANSWER: Emily 
The bad news is if it froze then there is nothing else to do but restart.
The good news is your data is most probably will be just fine. I'd suggest you to use Data Rescue ( It scans the drive without touching it and evacuate any files it findes right away.
it's the best in town.

Good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for answering so fast. So do I just press on to the power button to restart it? Is that the best way?

You can try Cmnd+Option+Escape. This will bring a small window. Check what applicant is frozen and quit it. This may help.
If the window is not coming up then yes. Power button is the only way.

Reading what you need to use Data Rescue is a good idea.


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