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My older G4 goes to grey screen with a folder with alternating question mark/finder face on it. I held down option key and then got curved arrow and straight arrow but nothing (no OS X 9 or other system) in between the arrows. I tried clicking curved arrow anyway but nothing happened after mouse turned to clock. I saw post that hard drive could be dead, is there anything else I can try at home? I didn't update anything, it just started this out of the blue. Any help is very appreciated!

the question mark means the computer can't fine the system folder to start off. This can be a result of HDD malfunction or corrupted volume structure.
You need to boot off from disk (external HDD with the system on it or the system disk that came with the computer) and run Disk Utility, Disk Genius  or Disk Warrior. If you can't do that then just take your mac to Apple Store. They will help you.  


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