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Wired  "Mighty Mouse"  will zoom screen when scroll button rolled forward  with "Control" pressed.  But  will not un-zoom  when  scroll button  rolled backwards with "Control" pressed. Less often I can't zoom using this procedure.
Also sometimes button won't scroll.
Problem started  a year ago.  "Genious" at Apple store said due to dirt from finger and I should clean mouse button by rubbing it with a clean cloth soaked with alcohol, let dry.  This solved  all  these problems. Originally I had to do this every few weeks.  I made a point of washing my hands before using  it. Frequency of problem slowly increased to now every 2 or 3 days.  
Specs: 4 year old wired Mighty mouse on 5 year old iMac desktop OSX v.10.6.8
Is  cleaning method  wrong/insufficient?  Is there a better cure?
Do I need a new mouse?
If so, what  mouse with same features would not have this (or other) problems?
Thanks for your help.

4 years old mouse with a problem started 1 year ago. 3 years is a good lifespan for a mouse. You just need a new one.
You can get a new Mighty Mouse or upgrade to Magic Mouse:


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