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QUESTION: Hi, Lately my MacBook Pro OS/X 10.7.5 seems to be running slow. In particular, I have been getting the twirling color wheel a lot. I tested my internet speed (using Mytest off the internet) and the speed was very good, so it makes me think something else is causing the sluggish response.

In general I am hesitant to use any of the apps that pop up that claim to speed up one's Mac (a little hypocritical maybe). I have a maintenance account with Apple and could haul it down to the store but I wanted to check with you to see if there was anything easy and/or obvious I could do.

Thanks for your help. BTW, I am an expert in Advanced Math in case you have any questions in that area.


ANSWER: The first thing to do is to fix permissions. Here is how>:

Keep me posted.

Good luck, E

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QUESTION: Elia, Thanks for the response. I went to the website and did the repair on the permissions and everything went smoothly. My Mac still seems slow (its maybe a little faster).

Are there any other fixes to try?


ANSWER: The next thing is to check the available HDD space.
How much do you have?

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QUESTION: I have 460 Gb out of 500.

Then it's probably the time to go to the Apple store and ask them to have a look. Space and Permissions are 2 most common problems that affect performance. Speed up apps don't do much in terms of noticeable speed. If you want to give it a try - I use this one  


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