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i currently have a mac book pro 15"with snow leopard 10.6.8 and am trying to partition the drive using boot camp but when i press the button to partition the drive i keep getting this error"The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved." i have backed up everything on my laptop onto a hard drive. if need be i am willing to restore my mac to factory settings but would like a step by step instruction if possible, so that i can partition my drive to have enough space on the windows side. any information you have would be greatly appreciated thank you so much for your time and efforts .

One thing that can cause this error is corruption of the hard drive's file nodes. This can be repaired with Disk Utilities (pre-Lion: boot from the install disc and run disk utilities, post-Lion: restart your mac in Recovery mode (command-R when booting) and run Disc Utilities from there). Once in Disk Utilities, do a Repair on your boot drive. If Repair finds and repairs any errors, it it then likely that the Boot Camp partitioning will then work afterwards, as it did for me.

You should still back everything up before doing this of course, just in case.  


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