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Hi! I have 2 HD on my G-5 mac. How can I combined them? Thy both have, OS 10.5  but different Applications there are no CDs that I can install from.. What, I wont to do is. 1HD is 160 Gb and 1 is 80 Gb,.I  Have room on the 160HD to put the Applications from the 80 Gb, HD. Than I wont to replace the 80Gb HD with a new 250Gb. HD. Can you Please help me. Sincerely John

Some applications are easy to move and some really on files in your system folders. So the process may not be as straight forward as just copying all the files form small drive onto another.

The easiest way would be to use an app like SuperDuper or CCC.

- Backup the 80GB into a disk image
- Install 250
- Restore 80Gb drive onto a new one.

Retire 80Gb.  


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