I am a Mac user and had a 1 TB hard drive. It seemed to crash, but finally after buying a new cord it is working again. However, here is the weird part. It was partitioned, and the smaller partition is still working. The bigger partition does not have any of the files there, only the main folder names with a .lnk after it. The drive shows that it is completely full, although the .lnk only takes up a few kb worth. I looked online to try to determine what this was and found it was a Microsoft shortcut, but my question is, where are my files? It shows they are still taking up disk space, but I have no idea where and how to find them. I tried to verify and repair this partition, but no change. Any thoughts?

ANSWER: Odds are your files are still there but the volume catalog has been corrupted.
You choices most probably are:
1. Reformat the drive and forget about the files if they aren't of any value for you. You can use Apple Disk Utility for that.
2. Try Data Rescue to get your files back.

The utility doesn't touch your drive and won't cause any more damage. It finds files and moves to another location.

Be careful of utilities that offer you to "Fix" the issue and make changes to the corrupted partition. If they fail the risk to loose the files multiplies.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answer. It's probably not worth spending any money recovering the files. But I browsed the internet and found some discussions that seemed to suggest I could do something to restore the files on my own, but I didn't quite follow the thread. Is there any way that you know that I can recover the lost files on my own? I couldn't follow the advanced technical discussion of how I could do so.

The way I suggested is the best way of recovering files, especially if you are not very tech advanced.
On your own doesn't mean you can do it without tools. Even putting a nail in the wall requires a hammer. One can try using a brick to hit the nail but the results are going to be messy.

Same here. If you want to recover you need proper and preferably good tools. Anything else is a waste of time and efforts with unpredictable results.

P.S. One can find anything on the internet. It may work in some cases and don't in other. If the files are not important then I'd suggest reformatting the partition and forget about them.  


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