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I've noticed lately that when I have a document open ("Pages") and I want to close that document, the cursor turns but won't allow me to select the item. Previously I was able to close the application with Command/escape/F1 held all at the same time, but now it won't allow me to do that. So I disconnect the computer and it restarts OK. When I see the cursor spinning, is there any to quit the app without shutting down the computer? What might be the cause of this problem? Thanks. iMac 10.6.

It sounds as if for some reason Pages is having difficulty.  You can try pressing shift-option on launch of the app to see if that fixes it in the short term, but you should probably do some maintenance on your computer in the meantime.

Open Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) and run repair permissions on your drive.
Restart the computer in single user mode by pressing command-S after you hear the restart bong, keep it down until you see the lines of code running up the screen.

Following the last instruction you see, type /sbin/fsck -yf and press RETURN/ENTER.  This file system check will take a few minutes and hopefully repair any issues.  Once it completes, type "reboot" and press RETURN/ENTER.  The computer will restart normally.

You might consider updating your OS to something more modern than 10.6 via the App store.

Good luck!


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