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I just bought an iPod Touch 6 ios 9. It is my first i-anything purchase. I was really excited a first, but the reason that I purchased it is not working correctly (so it seems). I hope you are the correct person. I wanted it to basically provide a ToDo list with an alarm that would ring while the iPod was off to remind me.

This does not seem to work. I can't believe I paid for something that does not work. So here is my question.

The Reminder app does not seem to allow you to order your ToDos by date or priority. It seems to order them by when you entered the todo. (which seems crazy). So there seems to be no way to put the ToDos in the order that you want them to be done. So you have to cycle through the entire list to find the next ToDo for the day.

Do you know more about this app, or another one that will take care of this. Also, why doesn't the alarm ring and wake up the iPod at the proper time? It rang once (while the iPod was off), but otherwise does not. More importantly, it did not ring on time when it did ring.

I've never purchased an electronic product that failed to do what I expected it to do, and I am so disheartened that I purchased this thing. I was practically waiting at the door for it to arrive, now I'd like to throw it at the door (smile - perhaps not that dramatic).

Can you help? I am hoping it is something I did not do?

Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Lori.

You purchased a device that allows you to use any app in the App Store. Some are free some cost a few bucks. On your home screen there should be an icon called App Store. Click on it, then search for to-do app. There are many different apps with a wide array of functionality. Pay attention to star rating and a # of reviews.

I'm sure you find the one that solves your problem.  


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