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I have a question with each of these computers:

1) MacBookPro (2007) OSX 10.4.11. My wife was working on Safari and the computer suddenly froze. After fooling around with it, upon advice, I reinstalled the operating system (with some difficulty -- the second disc wouldn't go through for a number of times -- it got stuck).  Finally, I could get on the desktop.  The wireless connection is on (from a router); but no program will start.  Nothing.  I couldn't even shut the computer down except by forcing shutting it.

I ran the hardware check by inserting the second installation disc and booting pressing 'd' key.  I can't remember what happened; but I didn't see any summary of the test (like I did on the PowerMac).  So I assumed that's ok.  Should I assume that the hard disk is dead?  Then why does it boot to the desktop with all the icons on dock there?  (When I press any of them, they just turn dark and nothing opens.)

Interestingly, the winXP Pro on the bootcamp drive works fine with 30 gbs. of hard disc space.

2)a) The PowerMac (G4): The display is dim and I can't get it to show the original brightness of display. I used the Apply Display Disk to reinstall the drivers; but that didn't do anything. There is no brightness slider in the display.  I could tweak the color calibration a little to make it look a bit brighter; but for my wife's photo editing that's nowhere near enough.  The brightness button on the monitor, F1 and F2 (or F13 and F14) keys don't work for controlling brightness.

2b) The internet: again the wireless is on. I can open the browser (Safari, or older versions of Firefox or something else).  They all open the first address on the broswer address window and then and then nothing happens.  Links don't work or other addresses.  Whatever might have happened to the internet?  Anything tweaking I could do to make it work?

I know this is a bunch of questions; I have been struggling with them for a couple of weeks.  And I finally found this site.  I am sincerely hoping that you could help.

Thank you

PS:  I asked these question someone else on this website a couple of weeks ago, but I never got a response.  This is my second try.

Thanks for writing! Sorry for the delay.  I'll try to be as complete as possible while also being succinct.

1) There is a lot going on here, but I think the situation is this:
- You have a damaged or incomplete installation of OS X.  I have some questions, but regardless of answers, please follow my advice.
a. Who advised you to reinstall OS X?  Why?
b. On booting from the installation DVD, you ran disk utility to assess/repair?  You can't remember what the utility said? Why would you assume all is ok (when the computer won't boot properly?)?
c. Why do you assume the hard disk is dead when the Windows installation works?

I think you need to boot into single user mode and run check disk.
- boot your computer, holding down command-S
- when the code is finished running, you will be left at a # prompt.
- type /sbin/fsck -fy and press ENTER/RETURN
- if the replies eventually say that the system was modified, run it again until it says "Macintosh HD appears to be ok"
- type reboot and press ENTER/RETURN

2a) What display are you using?  What version of Mac OS X?  Is this a new issue?  Have you installed any software/updates just before this began happening?  Can you please attach a screenshot of the displays preference pane?

2b) This is regarding your PowerMac G4?  What wifi card do you have?  Is this a new issue? Have you installed any software/updates just before this began happening? Can you please attach a screenshot of the network preference pane and airport menu bar item?

Thanks and good luck!


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