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QUESTION: Dear Elia Kanaki,

Hello, I may've written before. I received a used Macbook Pro laptop from my niece. It is a 15inc 2.4/2.2 GHZ and I have the serial number if you need it (I don't have a lot of experience working with Macs). My brother told me it may need a new OS. I've already secured a new battery and a 85 W MagSafe Power Adapter. It turns on.

I recently bought the Final Cut Pro 7 Training series and I intended to use the Macbook to train myself in this program. I've put the DVD in twice and it doesn't start up. I tried to manually click the lessons, but it would ask me to choose an application to do that in. I clicked a few icons, but nothing. I e-mailed my niece and she apologetically said that the DVD player might've been one of those benefits that no longer worked.

Please advise me. What can I do? Is there something else I have to purchase in order to get this program going? Should I continue to ask questions at Geek Squad?

Thank you for your time and patience during your busy schedule.



ANSWER: Try this one. I may require you to update the OS and you should:

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QUESTION: Dear Elia Kanaki,

Thank you. I didn't use the link, but I did speak with Geek Squad. It turns out that there is an OS on the machine, but the Training Series will not play without FCP7. I purchased Final Cut Studio which also has FCP7 and I have installed it.

When I place the FCP7 training CD in the laptop, I go to the first lesson and FCP7 begins to boot up. Then this message appears:

"External A/V

Unable to locate the following external devices:
Apple Firewire NTSC (720 x 480)

Your system configuration may have changed, or your deck/camera may be disconnected or turned off.

Please check your connections and click 'Check Again', or click to 'Continue' to set external device selection to None.

From what I know the internet is disconnected and probably can't be reconnected because the laptop was used by my niece before me. Can you please instruct me on what to do?

Thank you for your time during your busy schedule.



It seems the FCP is looking for a camera connected to the laptop. Most probably it is required by the lesson.
One thing to note is it would be much easier and faster for you to go to the apple store's genius bar and ask them to setup the thing when they have physical access to the machine.

Troubleshooting issues of this kind with old computers remotely is not very efficient.

Best Eli

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QUESTION: Thanks Eli,

And thank you for the speedy reply.

After I e-mailed you, I decided to hit continue. I got a new message stating the scratch disk is not read/write access. A little impatient, I decided to Google that. I found someone with the same problem as me, and it was explained to him that space or memory was being searched for FCP7. He was advised to reset the scratch disks, so I did that. I've been able to move forward and FCP7 shows up on my screen with the first lesson. However, I am going to consider your point about a "camera" and will ask Apple about it.

If I may ask you about one snag I ran into while uploading Audio Contents disc 2 and 3. That installation initially failed. But on the second try, I tried to start all over by dragging the uploads to the trash. When I installed, it never asked for the audio contents, but everything except for soundtrack pro (which I also dragged to the trash) has been installed. Now, when I looked in the scratch disk window to reset with a new folder I noticed that an icon for audio was not lit up.

This was the original message I received when the Mac asked for Audio Content 2 disc,: "Before you install Audio Content..." When you open it up, it reads, "Installing Audio Content for Soundtrack Pro. To install audio content for Soundtrack Pro, use the Audio Content for Soundtrack Pro 1 disc. Double-click Install Audio Content for Soundtrack Pro and follow the onscreen instructions."

Where did I mess up here?

I remain grateful for your gracious help and your patience. I know it's a lot, and I will make contact with Apple if you can't help any further.



The computer has outdated OS and known issues. As much as I wanted to help it is hard to troubleshoot remotely because we can't eliminate possible issues one by one as it is usually done.

I can guess that taking any part of the application to the trash may confuse the application. Try emptying the trash. It MAY help.
I would also consider removing all installed parts and running an installer again.  


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