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Hi John,

I just started out in magic and came across your site. I'm quite interested in the ice trick and the clothing change trick. To explain further, I've included the links to the vid where Cyril did a clothes change trick and the ice trick.  Clothes changing-

Ice trick -

I wonder how he does it. Thus, would you be able to reveal the tricks and explain it to me please? It would be wonderful to learn those. Thanks :)

Hi Amirul

I just started out in magic and came across your site.

Welcome to the world of magic. You are in for an exciting journey. I hope that you discover that the best way to learn and grow and share good quality magic with others is to start at the beginning and put in some foundations. Then, build in the area you feel you can do best at.

I'm wondering which "site" you refer to. I have many websites (a well as blogs etc) - which one was it or did you mean AllExperts site?

I'm quite interested in the ice trick and the clothing change trick.

There's no such thing as "THE" ice trick. Ice is a substance and many magicians use ice in numerous ways in their routines. Of course I know what "clothing change" tricks are .... but again, it's just an effect and there are many many ways of achieving it.

Thanks for the links to the Cyril performances. The T-Shirt trick he performs is an excellent 'quickie' and the good news is that it is sold, so you can purchase the method for this!
It's by the talented Calen Morelli and is called 'Dresscode'. Once you 'know' enough about magic methods, you'll be able to look at Cyril's (not very good) performance and work out how to do it. If you WANT to discuss this more - please reply IN PRIVATE mode, as we cannot discuss methods in this Public mode.

The 'Cyril Makes Ice' isn't a trick that you could manage. It is specially designed for a TV Special and not one you could do in 'real life' situations. Even IF you knew the various methods employed, you'd need some fairly advanced magic abilities plus a suitable location, particular audience and TV crew! There is a bare hand production of ice available to purchase .... but I assure you, if you purchased it, you'd play with it for a day and then dump it in a drawer as you'd never ever actually be able to perform it. Strong magic isn't THAT easy!

It would be wonderful to learn those.  

Whilst it probably WOULD be great to learn and perform these ... until you have learned some magic performance and presentation basics, you wouldn't be able to perform these with any confidence or conviction! So .... my suggestion IS .... spend some time on learning the basics of magic, then move on to effects like these once you have some experience and can carry them off without failing and exposing methods.

To do this ..... reply in private and I'll recommend ways for you to learn and grow your magic skills.


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