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I first saw this game on Dave Blaine's website and I was wondering if you could tell me how it works and where it came from.

Hi Jay

Not sure what you don't understand about this.

So - to cover all bases ....

1) It's a simple mathmatical equation that always results in 9 or a multiple of 9.
2) So .... starting with the lowest possible ie 11, add = 2, 11 - 2 =9
3) IF you think of say a number 4 higher, that is negated because the sequence requires you to subtract that anyway, so 15, becomes 6, 15-6=9.
4) The symbols are al the same for all multiples of 9. However, they DO change (rotate) when you try again. Look at them all before you start!
5) As for the origins, I have no idea. Many people have used both parts of this in many many ways ie the way to 'force' 9 (as even 27, 36, 54, 63, 72 etc can all be added and reduced to a single digit of 9) and also the chart where all 9 multiples are the same. I include MArtin Gardner and Max Maven in my early users, but I don't think its documented who was first.

Hope this helps


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