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I was just wondering about something and I wanted your opinion on it. In your opinion, which Magic Society is the most popular and prestigious. I am in a dilemma to decide that which one is better, IBM or The Magic Circle. I think IBM is the largest society (I think so as I have also read that IMS is the largest society) and The Magic Circle being a very popular society too, I cant seem to decide which one is more popular and prestigious. And SAM being the oldest one, could that be more prestigious than the other two?

And what is your view on the Merlin Award? Do you believe it is one of the highest achievable award in the magic industry as it is said to be by ISM? If not then what other award or awards are sought after and respected in the magic industry.

I don't think there is any real answer to this question. It would partly depend upon what kind of magician you are and also what country you are in.

I guess the IBM is the most popular (worldwide) but the prestige .... I don't know. The public here have never herd of the IBM ... they relate that to a computer company. Everyone refers to The Magic Circle.

IMS? Not a proper organisation to my mind. It's a built up organisation around selling training DVDs that aren't very good and creating prestige and members with shallow awards etc. It may be the largest (due to aggressive marketing) but what's that got to do with anything. Large = bad! Wouldn't you want to be a member of an elite exclusive club of top level respected performers, inventors etc that's hard to get into and only by invitation? Me too!

Again, SAM means nothing in Europe .... in America it may be regarded as the best .... they would know. In the UK (and a lot of the World) The Magic Circle is the place magicians want to be a member of ... but it's also true that some regard it as a dated, stuff organisation stuck in the last century! It IS old fashioned but that's changig. They have had political problems at the top ... and hopefully that will settle down soon.

The Merlin award is only as good as the society offering it! See above!

I was happy to receive the award of Gold Star Member Of The INNER MAgic Circle ... which cannot be applied for, is only by invitation by The President. I was also happy to be presented with their Silver Wand ... only one is presented each year to someone for services to magic and TMC.

There are MANY awards by different organisations ... the valuable ones come from the organisation the individual holds most respect for. For me .... that would be my clients and audiences!


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I am a professional performer, and attained status of Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle and, over and above this highest degree, I am only one of about a dozen performers alive who has been awarded their coveted 'Silver Wand'. I perform at the highest level as well as train and coach both beginners and experts in learning a few tricks to creating a brand new award winning act. I ran The Summer School at The Magic Circle for many years as well as booked performers for the monthly public shows. I run a company called `MagicWorks` which provides magic for adult private and corporate events, television, film and theatre productions. I also hold training workshops and seminars, teleconferences and online training on using magic in business, performing at Trade Shows, Magic for Presenters etc and provide after dinner or conference talks and speeches all on the subject of business and personnel development. This includes creativity, presentation, online and offline marketing etc.


Whilst I have been a performer for many years I now spend an increasing amount of time as a personal and business coach, using magic as a metaphor in my teaching and training sessions. I have several Internet Businesses that include Coaching and Mentoring entertainers in the whole business of self Branding, Promotion, Marketing and filling their diaries with bookings.

I have been mentored by the leading magicians in the world and achieved top status at The Magic Circle. This means I became Gold Star Member Of The INNER Magic Circle! Also .... I am a trained coach.

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I achieved Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle I was awarded The Silver Wand by The Magic Circle for services to magic and TMC I was bestowed with Lifelong Membership of MOB - The Magicians Of Basingstoke

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