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just trying to gather information hope im asking you some good questions and thank you so much.Also what cards are best for handling?I heard tally o or bicycle and what size because ive seen poker sized and standard sized does it go by hand size?


Gather some information for what?

The most favourite / popular cards are Bicycle Rider Back.


Because they are excellent in many ways:
1) The actual quality of the cards is excellent.
They are crisp, have a snap and even when flexed, spring back into shape and retail their 'snap' and do not go 'limp'. Whilst slipper when new, after 'breaking them in' they have a long life in perfect condition.
2) They are readily available at a great price
3) For many people they are the natural, normal card
4) Whilst not available in 'corner shops' in Europe (for example) they have a name that's recognised and connected to casinos as 'normal' cards.
5) Different 'extra' cards readily available for special effects.
6) The same company also make many other different back designs and most also match the faces - making interesting card effects easy

As far as standard 'poker' or 'bridge' sized cards - go for the larger 'poker' size. These are the norm and handling well has nothing to do with hand size. If you have small hands, for example, still get the 'standard' size cards and learn handlings that suit you hand size.

Hope this helps. Any more detailed answers can only be asked and answers given in Private Mode!


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