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ive stumbled upon such dvds as the complete hand workout and such what do you recommend any books dvds etc, to improve hand coordination dexterity etc. is this the key to learning how to handle things better

Hey Blaze

I'm going to presume your question is related to the performance of magic - but you don't say what type of magic you are learning / training in nor what problems you are having.

While Greg Irwin's hand exercises may be good to make you more supple .... the successful performance of magic is helped by many more subtle skills. Sure you need certain hand and finger movement, but also body positioning, moving, eye control, voice, positioning, angles,  timing .... many things.

If you are new or relatively new to performing - then some things you need to do to achieve better presentation will only come with perfect practice and time. Because you'll be doing things that feel strange, are odd, require thought and concentration, whilst doing other things at the same time and perhaps making it look as though nothing is being done .... this will not happen over night.

There are 4 stages of learning .... and I can detail them another time if you wish ... as it's useful to know to see where you are on your path.

So ..... my short advice can only be:
1) Ensure you know exactly how to do all the 'moves' needed to perform the effect.
2) Practice over and over and add in and other stage movements and script. This is called 'blocking'.
3) Don't practice until you get it right ... practice until you never get it wrong!
4) Then rehearse the entire thing over and over as a whole, in context.
5) Doing this means you won't need to do finger exercises ... or any other as you've worked on how best to do what needs to be done.

Hope that inspires you to focus and practice.....

Good luck


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