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what is in your opinion the best mentalism effect that any beginner can do and look impressive?also corindas book is it outdated?should one still read it?

The best mentalism effect...that's a tough one.

Of course it's a very subjective question and really up to the performer. In general, you should take into account a few things:

How comfortable/enjoyable it is for you to perform it
How well you perform it
Does it illicit the reaction you want from your audience

That being said, there are dozens of mentalism gimmicks you can purchase and do whatever you'd like with. Gimmicks usually make effects easier to do as they tend to require less skill. That's not to say they aren't impressive to watch.

A favorite of mine is the dancing/bouncing/moving toothpick (place one toothpick on top of another, even in the spectator's hand, and make it bounce/flip). It's one of my favorites because it's pretty easy to do, is impromptu, very clean, fully inspect-able, repeatable (just don't do it too many times as a keen eye will eventually pick up on the trick no matter how well you perform it), and it usually gets great reactions.
check it out here:

I don't think Corinada's book is outdated. A lot of the mentalism effects, including gimmicks, are still used today, or some variation thereof. It's really good to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals for magic in general, so it's a good starting point for mentalism.

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Well i wouldn`t say that i am an expert, but i love doing magic. All types. I do close-up, stage, escape, and even a little mentalism. If i don`t have the answer that you are looking for then i`ll try to find it out for you. So i`ll try to do my best to help you out. Thanks.

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