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when you look around online one usually finds the same kind of tricks and effects.which effects are the most impressive in your opininon especially for beginners and where is the best place to go to learn magic mentor or anything other than like free videos online?

Hey Blaze, thanks for your question. For the first part, I tend to think that any trick with an unexpected outcome is great. Any trick that you pose as many challenges and limitations to yourself in favor of the audience is also apreciated. People tend to either be receptive and open to having fun wih magic or a bit sceptical and almost resentful so if you can do something that challenges their view of magic, you can turn them into a fan. The venue also makes a big difference between exactly which trick to perform. Obviously you can't perform the same impressive trick on stage, on the street, and at a restaurant and get the same outcome.

For the second part, I think that visiting every magic shop in your area and really getting to know the employees, owner, and regular customers is invaluable. I can't tell you how big of a difference doing that made for me and my skills. The next best thing is to join clubs. If you're lucky to have some local clubs like meetup and similar, that may be a good start. There are also international clubs with local chapters and members like IBM and SAM. If you're even luckier to live near or visit Hollywood, the magic castle is possibly the single most important magic club and venue in the u.s., if not the world. They offer junior memberships to those who pass an audition they hold, I believe every 6 months.

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Well i wouldn`t say that i am an expert, but i love doing magic. All types. I do close-up, stage, escape, and even a little mentalism. If i don`t have the answer that you are looking for then i`ll try to find it out for you. So i`ll try to do my best to help you out. Thanks.

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