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QUESTION: it seems as if the best effects are ones that people invent on their own and then keep safely guarded.what is the process of thinking to create your own effects?

ANSWER: Hi Blaze

I don't actually agree about the best effects being those that are kept secret. Sure .... every inventor has the right to keep their ideas in that way but many of the greatest inventions in the world have been shared and further developed, sometimes into something better. And magic is no exception.

There are affects magician's categorize as 'Classics' and that is because of their popularity both by performers and audiences alike. And they become that way by sharing (whether by selling or another way). These clasics form the foundation to magic performances.

It's way too complex to briefly answer here how to be creative .... there is no single method, just many that you could try so you find the one or more that suit your partcular personality and traits.

If you like .... becasue perhaps you have something in mind, I'd be happy to chat in more detail .... so message me again but in Private Mode this time so we can talk about secrets away from the public gaze!

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QUESTION: D.just sometimes I hear before I start the effect I hear I've seen this before.I'm trying New ways of vanishing objects I've noticed chopstick works well for making coins stick and stuff but vanishing objects completely? Is this editing on.shows by celebrity me as magicians? Am I missing something?


This is still in Public Mode .... so I can't be detailed!

Also .... not sure I fully understand what you are asking.

Yes, people will sometimes say "I've seen this" or "I know this one" when they see a deck of cards! I could probably show them 500 tricks, all with very different plots. So clearly they haven't seen it. But I don't think they are saying it for that reason .... they don't know what else to say. And there's nothing wrong with showing a routine they have seen. Like music, people go to see their favorite bands and expect (want) to see and hear their 'hits' ... if they only did new stuff the fans would go wild!

So .... take such a comment as a positive remark and then hopefully show them something that has something unique about it. Soon, they'll find another way to respond.

Chopstick? Stick? I think you are wanting to talk methods. Message me in Private Mode!

Not sure what you are asking about editing etc. "Celebrity me"?
Of course magicians can make all kinds of thisgs appear and totally disappear. We don't need any editing, we perform to live audiences. However, it's possible that some shows you see are performed by people wanting to be a better magician than they really are and rely upon dubious practices. \i wouldn't bother to even watch such shows ... there's better effects in the movies!

Message me!


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