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Hi Mark

Here's my New online 7th Magic video I thought you would enjoy watching.  

If by chance the link is blocked you can see it at and if that doesn't work you  could just copy & paste it.




I was actually able to watch this video, unlike previous ones where YouTube wouldn't let me see them.   :-)

You didn't specifically ask for feedback, but I'll share a few thoughts anyway.

1. Sponge Balls

Looks good, but when you remove the hand from the pocket, would a thumb pinch allow you to have a more open look while still concealing the ball? While this may not be as angle-proof, I can't help thinking that astute spectators will guess / assume that a ball is hidden in the hand - maybe not immediately, but it's not too difficult for them to back-track with this effect.

And as I'm sure you already know, sponge ball magic is much more effective when the magic happens in a spectator's hands.

2. Double Your Money

I'm assuming this is a take on the classic Six Card Repeat, but with dollar bills.

To me, the handling looks suspicious, but that may, of course, be just because I have insider knowledge about the method.

See if you can find a video of the $11 Bill Trick, particularly as performed by Stephen Bargatze. It's similar in effect, and is very entertaining. Here's a thread on The Magic Cafe about this trick:

3. Fork To Spoon

I don't believe I've seen this one before (not sure how, as it looks like a very old trick), but it is very effective.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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