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Hi John

Here's my New online 7th Magic video I thought you would enjoy watching.  

If by chance the link is blocked you can see it at and if that doesn't work you  could just copy & paste it.



Thanks for sending me a link to your video. I had sen it on Facebook anyway :-)

Not sure what to say about it. The first ring effect is not really visible what's happening. It looks loike that old puzzle effect but cannot be sure. The helicopter - bit of fun I guess.

The sponge balls .... when your right comes out of the pocket it looks really weird.... as though you are holding a ball or tow (which of course you are. Why is your 'pinky' sticking out?

You've obviously mastered the wooden ball puzzle.

The band vanish look OK but of course your hand is hiding things when you wrap it around - so no idea whet it's meant to look like.

Not sure wht you are trying to do with the Multiplying Bills .... the handling isn't like the standard 6 Bill Repeat. You never seem to show you remove some and have exactly 6 again. It looks as though you are removing bills hidden behind and then have to move that one to the front to do the same with the next bill's pocket. Which of course is exactly what you are doing. This needs reworking.

Yes, the cutlery change is fine although I prefer the original handling to rolling it visibly in a fold.

Good effort though .... and a fun compilation. I suggest you focus on one routine and perfect that now :-)



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