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QUESTION: Dear John Gordon:

I have always wanted to be hypnotised, but it fails. Here's an example: I was in college, and I volunteered to be one of the subjects. I got on stage with about 12 others and do recall feeling very relaxed and somewhat removed from the audience, but I began to open my eyes and I recall thinking, "This is how Stevie Nicks feels; I feel like I'm Stevie Nicks" (because I admired her so much at the time)! And I was aware the audience was applauding, and I felt it was to my benefit, BUT at the same time, I realised I really wasn't hypnotised.

Almost immediately, the hypnotist came to me, tapped me on the shoulder, told me to stand and for everyone to applaud, and thanked me and ushered me off the stage. I was still somewhat "dazed" but knew I hadn't gone under.

So after the show, I found him and asked him why he sent me back. He was in a big hurry but I pressed on, and he finally said, "You just weren't going under" or something to that effect. Since then I've tried all kinds of techniques, both person-to-person and even on the internet, but I always remain alert.

But I WANT TO BE HYPNOTISED! I very much want it!! Why would this not work for me? Have you seen this happen before?

Cheers and thanks in advance,


I am not a hypnotist. There are various forms of hpnotism and hypnotic techniques. I have no doubt that the emtertainer would use a different type of hypnotic induction from that used by a medical practitioner / analyist.

People have various responses to being hypnotised ranging from being somewhat aware of their state to being totally 'gone'. This depends upon all the factors that affect the depth of the trance state. If you are being indiced in public by an entertainer in front of an audience then it likely you would only be in a shallow state. If your awareness fights this then you would not 'go under' so readliy and so, in the ientests of only having people on stage to comply and respond readily .... such a presenter would be right to allow you to leave their performance area!

You say you've tried all kinds of techniques. DO you mean 'self hypnotism'? Really?

I don't understand WHY you so want to be hypnotised? If you were ill and it was suggested that some treatment would help .... then I'd understand. But why do you want it for no reason. By the way .... we all go into trances most days! Don't you ever have moments when you weren't aware for some minutes? Where a journey passed without you really being present?

WHare are you based? DO you know any hypnotsits?

I am editing thius since receiving you response:

>>Comment - To be fair, I didn't know you were not a hypnotist but thought this could be answered more simply and quickly (I received the answer just hours after the three-day waiting period).<<

Nowhere in my biography does it suggest I am. I am a magician ... and hypnotism is a very different discipline. The title of the group also clarifies that. As for the speed: I ama professional performer which often takes me away for a few days at a time. I'd have thought that even a few days was pretty quick especially for something you want so badly and have tried elsewhere many times without success.

>> I think, in the meantime, I found the answers that I was seeking by asking elsewhere. <<

I am pleased you have your answer, hopefully from someone who is a hypnotist and knows the real answer.

>> Why does it matter why I want to be hypnotised? That wasn't my question. <<

It doesn't "matter" .... no, it was my question, not yours. It is always helpful to have better information as that leads to better anwers!

>> I must have a very strong internal need to remain in control, which, again, I learned elsewhere. <<

From you questions and response I can now also tell that.

Good luck, I hope you safely have your wish granted v soon.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I apologise for leaving you such low scores; in fact, as soon as I did it, I regretted it, and now I feel quite embarrassed and ashamed, as I should.

I appreciate you taking the time to follow up, and the fault in communication is mine alone. PLEASE, EVERYONE READING THIS -- THIS EXPERT IS VERY KIND AND TRIED HIS BEST! DO NOT MIND MY SCORES!

I've always wondered how people just seem to "go under" upon quick suggestion, and I've been watching a lot of Derren Brown lately, so that's a large part of it (which I well should have mentioned). It's just something I want to experience because I'm so enthralled with the fantastic feats of human brain.

At any rate, whilst I was waiting to hear from you, I also learned that I likely expect too much from the experience, as well. I'm just a poor subject, but it nonetheless leaves me quite envious of those who ARE suggestible -- out of nothing but simple curiosity about the full-on experience.

I wish you all the best and thank you again for writing back. I truly do apologise and harbour no hostility whatsoever -- that's the last thing I want.


Thanks for writing again Cathy.

The low scores will affect me and people seeing them won't even read this post to see your withdrawal. High scores take time and effort and giving to build up, but they can be negated anyone at any time.

Hey ho.

I get loads of direct, personal questions and rarely respond to these open questions. This is why.

I am uncertain (from what little you have now addd) whether I agree with what you have learned elsewhere. I still believe that you could experience 'going under' but perhaps your over conscious nowmal state prevents that happening quite so readily. Never the less, that doesn't mean it's out of the question.

Good luck in what ever you do


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