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QUESTION: this happens in a lot of fields/interests for various reasons.I was doing a bit of magic and everyone though it was pretty good for most part and then took a hiatus .what would your advice be to get back into it again.i mostly did self working stuff but it was pretty entertaining just busy with work ans stuff but whats a good wat to make a comeback start from scratch again or did anything like this ever happen to you?

ANSWER: Hey Blaze

Not 100% sure what you mean or need. Do you mean it happens to YOU a lot .... or generally to others in a lot of fields?

How long did you do it for first time?

Why did you take a break?

Was it going to be a break or intended to give it up?

Once I know the above perhaps I can give more help to restarting.

Did you perform professionally ie paid bookings? What do you mean by "self working"? Is this cards or general magic, gimmicks, props or everyday stuff ie bills, coins etc?

WHY are you restarting? What problem are you having that has made you ask me "how?"?

Never happened to me. I've been performing magic for 30+ years without a break and I have no intention of stopping! However, variety is the key!

Look forward to your reply and helping you with whatever your problem really is.


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QUESTION: Took a.break because I do want to get back into it.motivation and variety I guess would be the key.also sleight of hand is really.hard.non paid gigs just to friends and family.Also how do you handle the question can you do that trick again?but for the most part getting back into it just pick up where I left off or go for hard effects which to me was sleight of hand of any sort double switches with cards riffle shuffle fancy cuts etc.


I think I understand what you mean.
Could be variety but some prefer to specialise (ie gambling routines or borrowed deck etc) ... and when you do you find lots of variety within that narrow niche.

The problem with only doing it for family and friends is that either you'll be repeating a lot or learning new things just to show them more.

I'll remind you that this is not a Private mode question so talking specifics (and you mentioned a few) isn't possible. However .... there's many ways of dealing with "DO that again" requests ranging from "No, but I'll show you something else" to "OK, next time I see you" to "Sure .... take a card". Some effects improve with repeat showing but others should not ever be repeated to the same people immediately. You must learn people management as part of your toolbox.

Re the "hard effects" .... I don't regards riffle shuffles and fancy cuts as hard but they are both totally unnecessary in any case. Learn what ever sleights you need to achieve the effects you want to perform. There's often other ways to achieve things so you can avoid the tough stuff.

If you want more help .... reply to me in Private Mode and I can discuss what you know, how you are learning and point you in the best direction.


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