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Major Appliances/Whirlpool Duet Dryer Starting Problem


KS wrote at 2009-08-20 03:06:26
I have a Duet dryer GEW9250SU0 and the same exact problem.  One day the dryer is working fine.  Then, it will not start.  If I follow steps #1 thru 5, it will start to work again.  I ran the diagnostics and there are no fault codes.  I checked for continuity per the tech sheet (go to and all results are good.  I suspect I will have to replace the control board - but I plan to troubleshoot over the next few days to see if I discover anything else.

Speed wrote at 2013-08-27 18:14:14
Guys - I have the exact same issue.  Seems VERY intermittent.  There are times when I unplug P4 and wait and it works - then there are others that don't .

I have replaced the Machine Control Board (the power one).  No different than old one. Very strange and frustrating - I can't depend on dryer when I need it.

Speed wrote at 2013-08-27 20:26:08
Fixed!!!!!   Exact same issue!  BAD contacts with the ribbon cable (running from P4-P2) at user interface control board connections.  Took electric tape and wrapped connection at P2 to make it a tighter fit - WORKED.

Root cause:  Seems the use of the unit causes this to get loose over time.  I had replaced the Control Board (Power) and thought that had fixed my issue but, now I can send it back and save $$$.

A key symptom is that the LED that normally lights up with the messages/minutes starts showing weird characters or just one character like "P" instead of "PF" or "3" instead of "34" for  the Normal mode drying time.  Or none of the buttons make anything happen!!!

CHECK THE CONNECTIONS AND CONNECTORS of these ribbon cables!  They are obviously a key to this unit working at all!

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