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Mike wrote at 2013-06-09 06:20:02
I am having the same problem with my GE side by side that Jake had. Condensation seems to form above or around the water dispenser tube coming out of the freezer door (near the cube door). Due to rust development I replaced the cube shute door and solenoid but the condensation is still forming and dripping down to the dispenser opening catchpan. This did not happen during the winter months. Freezer seems to be holding temperature well, and defrosting itself correctly. The cubes are not always clumped, only sometimes. Can you help me with this problem?

andy wrote at 2013-07-13 02:22:33
I'm having the same problem.  Condensation around the ice and water dispensing area on my GE side by side.  Its leaking down and filling/overflowing the water tray.  The condensation is above the chute, on the solenoid and on the plastic around the solenoid.  Iíve replaced the door flap with no success.   I removed the solenoid cleaned and repainted it and the plunger due to them being covered with rust and not functioning properly.  

Not a for sure answer but I'm hoping I figured out the answer to this problem. I've been searching for solutions online with no help.  

Here is what I tried:

When you open the flap that opens to let the ice come out through the door, you will notice that the chute that leads the ice out and the plastic part that the flap seals against are two different pieces with a gap in between, which is on the cold side of the flap.  I think the cold air is getting in between those two pieces and getting behind the outside layer of plastic causing the plastic to get cold and condensate.  I ran a bead of silicon around the outside of the chute and sealed that gap.  I'm hoping that is it.  I also put silicon in all the screw holes before I reassembled the flap hinges and solenoid and sealed the two screws that hold the water tube in place because the plastic nipples they were screwed into cracked so I could see the treads of the screws.  I'll try to remember to post back.

To get to the flap and solenoid:

Under the control panel you will see two holes up toward the front.  Stick a small flat head screw drive into both of them and the front panel will pop off.  Lift the tabs holding the wiring harnesses in place and unplug them.  Remove the 4 corner screws and remove the guts of the dispenser.  Remove the screws holding the flap and solenoid.

If anyone has anything else to check let me know.  

nineghz wrote at 2014-12-07 14:45:58
I have the same issue with my GE side by side. I have replaced every piece in the water/ice dispenser and am still getting condensation which is killing the solenoid and filling the drip tray. Did the silicone work? I am at my wit's end trying to figure this out. I agree that the cold air is getting behind the plastic in the water dispenser area and producing condensation. I just don't know how. This is the first post I have found that addresses the issue and not just blaming the flapper or door seals. Any more thoughts on this?

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