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GE Wash Machine Wiring diagram
GE Wash Machine Wiring  
GE WHDSR209G8WW. Ser# GT148715G
Iím attaching a wiring diagram if it will help. When I went to daughters and got diagram today, the tub started spinning when I turned timer to spin. But when I open the lid with the tub spinning, the tub stops but the washer is still operating. Removing the front panel, it feels like the pump is running when I put my hand on it. Something is moving/operating or trying to, even with the lid raised. The machine is suppose to stop, no noises, with the lid up, right? At least my Maytag does. I tried to remove the electrical connectors from the pump but could not get them out. Its just a plastic plug with two wires and does not have a locking tab on top or bottom, but the plug wonít come out. I was pulling pretty hard but maybe I just need to pull harder; but did not want to screw something else up. Does all that help or make it more confusing? Thanks for taking a shot.

ANSWER: The schematic that came through is tiny....  I tried enlarging but it is difficult to read.  Simply by what you are saying....With a empty machine, you should be able to pull off the pressure hose from the outside of the tube and manage the machine.  With hose off....turning to a fill cycle, blow into the tube removed from the outer tube connection and the unit should agitate.  Turning to a spin cycle...the unit should spin with the hose off...  Does it.... What are the symptoms?

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QUESTION: Disconnecting the pressure tube from water level switch, on fill cycle and blowing into tube, the agitator did not move. But unit does spin with hose off. And, the machine is now spinning and operating like itís suppose to. Strange. Wondering if itís a corroded connection or something electrical because twice now itís stopped spinning and twice now it has started spinning like suppose toÖand I havenít done anything except maybe disconnect something and reconnect it. But for now, itís working. Do appreciate your help Eric. thanks

A lot of times it is simply cleaning the pressure dome on the outside in the outer tub.  Sounds like this would be in order considering the things you have already done.  I normally fill the tub with hot water and then with the hose attached, suck water into the tube and then blow back out creating bubbles in the outer tub.  Do this many times until you can see the collector dome is clear.  Good Luck and thanks for your request....    Eric

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