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Maytag Atlantis HE MAV-39
Model: MAV9501EWW
Serial: 16193521CA

After a washing cycle such as permanent press, the clothes (cotton undershirts, in this case) in the washing machine are still drenched in water. It appears that the washer is not spinning out all the water from the clothes, as it did previously. I have the front panel of the washer removed to check on the components.  During the spin cycle, an intermittent knocking sound is heard, during which, I see the transmission housing slowly spinning intermittently. It appears that something (maybe a failed bearing) is causing the transmission housing to spin.
I have checked the hose coming from the tub to the drain pump and from the drain pump to the drain for blockages. The drain pump appears to be working fine, with no blockages. I have inspected the drive pulley and drive belt, which appear to be in good condition. The drive motor appears to be functioning like normal.

What would you suggest to fix the issue of the transmission housing spinning and the issue with the spin cycle not spinning enough to get most of the water out of the clothes?

Thank you for your time!

That is a standard socket wrench in everyone's tool box.  I think he made a inconclusive decision.  The brake assembly is what makes it spin.  Not the transmission.  The whole transmission spins on your unit and is not internal of the transmission.  I simply do not understand the quality of techs in the new era of appliance repair.  In the business for 37 years now and still active in in-home repair daily....None spinning was not a failure in your case.  Have good luck in your new appliance purchase is my wish and do not call that person back.  I could make a living simply condemning units for all the service calls we get in the course of a week,  Of course with the employees we have I could not pay their health insurance as we do......  Call reputable people next time.   or get your service call refunded....    

When your unit spins, the whole transmission spins like a top.  That is the way it works.  If not spinning real fast, I would be closely checking the drive belt.  If shiny replaced it.  Check the pump pulley and make sure it spins freely without any drag or noise.  Next, make sure the brake is releasing all the way.  Something, I would imagine is causing the tub to drag.  Perhaps even an article between the inner and out tub.  Socks have a tendency to get in between these two tubs.  Let us know what you find.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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