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Major Appliances/Wash machine will agitate, pump out water, but will not spin


Got another problem. Daughter has GE WHDSR209G8WW. Ser# GT148715G. Is 3-4 years old. I reset the machine by turning the timer knob through the settings and unplugging it for over 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. I replaced the water level switch because I thought it tested bad with multimeter. I replaced the timer switch because the knob wouldnít line up with the settings on the dial(wasnít sure how to test it with so many terminals). The belt is tight on the pulleys and looks brand new. Lid switch checks OK with m/meter(zero lid closed, infinity lid open). Switch does click when open/close. When I reconnected the lid switch(2 days ago), the tub did spin on the spin cycle. Thought it was fixed, but now it wonít spin. I looked at transmission where it connects to agitator and didnít see anything that looks broken. Nothing leaking. Any ideas? Thanks, Don

ANSWER: With the front cover removed...and unit put into a spin cycle, If machine is empty, the motor should turn and the tub should spin.  Is the motor turning?  If so, is the transmission pulley turning?  Pump running at this time?


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QUESTION: The machine makes sound like itís running but motor not turning, pulleys not moving, tub not spinning. Couldn't tell about pump.

ANSWER: Okay.....Machine makes sound like it is running.  Is the main motor running that tuns the belt?  Remove the belt and run if you are not sure.    I am far away and you have to be my eyes and ears....


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: With setting on spin, motor does not run with belt off. Neither of the pulleys turn with belt off. I think itís the pump thatís running on spin. I put my hand on it and it feels like itís operating if that makes sense. And motor appears to have continuity if I tested it correctly. Attached multimeter probes to two of the terminals in the plug of the motor.

I checked my files and I do not have the service manual or a wiring diagram for this unit.  GE say they are no longer offering support for this machine.  Not sure what else I can do without a wiring diagram or not being there.  At the times it should spin, is there water in the machine?  Eric

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