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Major Appliances/washing machine does not spin but motor runs fine


this concerns a Maytag "atlantis" clothes washer, model MAV6200AWW, style Y7909215, sn 20105180ac,about 12 years old.
the wash and rinse cylces work fine.  at the end of the rinse cycle, the water drains completely, but the spin cycle does not happen.  the motor runs fine, good and loud like it always has up to now,  but the basket does not spin at all.  I have a generic handyman home appliance repair book which says that in situations like this, the spin solenoid is usually the primary culprit. ok.  i have a volt-ohm meter (VOM) and know how to use it.  so: (1) how do i find the spin solenoid on this machine?  (2) how do i test it, i.e. i assume i need to take a resistance reading across its terminals; what is a "good" read-out value for it?  (3) anything else i should check for? (anything in the lid switch that might be wrong?)  
thank you.

There is no such thing as a "spin solenoid" on ANY washing machine I have ever seen (in 17+ years). The belt is more than likely worn on this machine. If the belt is "ok", you will need to contact a technician (the brake package will need inspecting, and a special tool is needed).

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