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QUESTION: Our GE fridge was not cooling sufficiently.  Although the display showed 36 degrees, the actual temperature inside the fridge was 50.  I unplugged and plugged in the fridge and about 8 hours later it came down to about 42+, but no lower.  Called GE service.  Tech said that the fan in the back was hardly moving.  Replaced motherboard.  He said that the fan was moving normally now, but 3 days later, the display shows 34-35 but actual is 41-42.  Everything feels warmer than normal.  Going to request another service call, but this is getting expensive....what do you think the issue is.  The fridge was purchased in 2007 and is a bottom freezer.  Thanks.

ANSWER: Does the fan motor seem to be running as fast as it should.  There was an issue where both the mother board and the fan motor had to be replaced as a set.  You would think GE would know that.  I am not sure if this is the case as you did not supply the model number for me to look closely at it.  Please supply the model number when responding.

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QUESTION: The GE tech said the fan was barely moving prior to replacing the motherboard.  I am assuming that he checked it after replacing the motherboard.  Obviously a big assumption on my part.

The model # is:PDS22MISABB

ANSWER: Thanks for the model number.  I see you have a bottom mount freezer and basically, cold is made in the freezer section and blown into the refrigerator section.  If the freezer section is down to zero, you have to be getting cold in the refrigerator section as long as the damper assembly in the refrigerator section opens and closes and there is no frost built up on the evaporator coils in the freezer section.  These are located behind the rear inside panel in the freezer section.  The whole drawer assembly must be removed to access this area.  Not an easy task for an Amateur.  What is the temp in the freezer section after leaving the thermometer in the freezer for 30 minutes.  Eric

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QUESTION: The freezer is at 0-1 and the fridge is at 42 by thermometer. The fridge display shows 0 and 34. Thank you.

If you verify there is no frost or ice blockage in the freezer section behind the rear inside panel and in any chute going into the freezer from the call GE was on when they replace the control board, the unit should be working.  When an evaporator fan motor is moving slowly, frost/ice builds.  Replacing the control board does not rid the evaporator or vents from this build up of frost.  It is time to take this unit apart and check it for a partial blockage before going any further.  If you do not want to do in a service company.  There is still an underlying problem that will not go away by itself.  The freezer section is cold enough to bring down the temps in the refrigerator section.  

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