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QUESTION: Hey, Eric, I am an expert on the site, too. I am having a problem with my Kenmore washer, model 110.2382100. It stopped spinning and agitating, but drains fine. It makes a noise like its trying to, but it's not. Upon researching the problem, all sources said that it was probably the drive coupler. HOWEVER, the drive coupler seems to be fine & I'll try to attach pictures to show you. Any other ideas besides this drive coupler thing? Or, by the pictures, can you tell IF IN FACT this coupler IS bad? Or even maybe a test to see if the coupler is good? Thank you for your time, Patrick.

ANSWER: There is a 3rd piece of the coupler that I cannot see.  Bottom line is the motor connects to the transmission via the drive coupling.  This is what turns the transmission in both directions.  If the coupler is good, the and your motor is turning, the transmission is defective.

If I can help further, I am here.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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QUESTION: Eric, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I compared the picture of MY drive coupler to the picture on your website (part #285753A) and both have 3 parts, the only difference being that the NEW one seems to have a metal ring on the center of the 2 plastic, white triangular brackets. I wonder is THAT is the missing piece that you said that you could not see, OR if the centers on mine are plastic because they're much older, if you understand. I am assuming that this is correct since I am sure that I would have seen some trace of metal center pieces. Like I said, when plugged in, on spin or agitate, you can hear a moaning noise, like it WANTS TO spin, but the tub doesn't move.

a new 1st picture shows the rear of the motor with plastic bracket taken off. the new 2nd picture shows the other 2 pieces taken off of the washer (transmission?)

Do you still not see a part that should be there?
And, the motor spins fine, BUT on the transmission part (attached to washer), it spins freely to the left, but only about 2-4 times to the right before it won't spin any further.

Is all of that leaked/spilled oil-like fluid a sign of anything?

Thank you, again...

Hello Patrick,
         All the parts look intact.  The metal insert you speak of is on a newer design drive coupling kit.  They come with metal inserts and are much more difficult to put on and when the plastic breaks in the future, they are a real bugger to remove.  I actually keep a rotozip tool in my truck and cut them off.  Even this way is difficult.  I do not use the metal insert type anymore.  Still have not put my finger on what is going on.  If both pieced of the plastic drive coupling are snug on each of the shafts, the problem is with the transmission.  The oil tells me the seal is bad and is low on oil...this could have been the cause of the transmission failure if this is the real culprit. So...check the coupling pieces carefully and if cracked at the mounting hole, then it is defective.  Normally when running the machine in this fashion, you will hear strange noises.  If the transmission is bad, you normally hear a humm from the motor on overload or the motor is simply spinning the shaft but there are broken gears inside the transmission.  Part number for the transmission is........I just tried to run your model number and find it is not a valid model number.  Please double check this model number for accuracy.  We have both new and good quality rebuilt transmissions available if interested.  I can put one in a machine in about 20 minutes start to finish.  

Thanks for the top rating.  

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