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QUESTION: Oven temp is reading 350 the actual temp is 305.This is a digital display panel. Things are taking longer to cook.What part is failing?It's happening at different settings as well.Up until now this unit was working fine.
Model MGR5875QDB
R Mosery

ANSWER: The oven sensor could be failing.  Got an Ohms meter and know how to use it?  If so, remove the oven sensor and get me an ohms reading at room temperature.  Let me know what this value is.  The oven sensor is located inside the oven...a probe sticking out the back wall.  It has two wires attached to it.  Measure across these two wires and let me know.  How are you measuring the temperature and at what point in the cooking process.  When the bake element is on set for 350, the element should stay on until it reaches 350 and then the element should go off at this point.  Since it is hot, the element radiates and the temp normally continues to rise until it peaks and then starts lowering.  It will lower to about 325 - 330 before the element comes back on.....  Watch the process and let me know.  Be as descriptive as you can.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the  quick response. probe measured 1090 ohms.On startup within 5 minutes oven temp on panel crept up 335 then 350 according to the digital display.The conventional oven thermometer read 270 when the panel reading was 350.The element cutout as you described at exactly the 350digital display.Opened door of the oven to cool down  and at 290 (oven thermometer) it kicked back on the temp continued to drop to about 260 then headed back up to 300 (oven thermometer) temp before cutting out again. all this time the panel read 350.The oven thermometer was placed in the middle rack and center.What do you think?
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Thanks for responding....   I am not sure the item you are measuring the temperature with is accurate.  I use a digital thermometer.  It accurately tells me the temperature as it is rising.  Sounds like the unit is working properly but perhaps the thermometer is faulty.  1090 is about what the oven sensor should read at approximately 72 degrees.  Once you have a accurate thermometer you can adjust through the electronic control 25 degrees + or -.  I caution before attempting this, be sure to have an accurate thermometer.  Dropping an analog thermometer can cause it to read faulty.  The instructions to calibrate your oven + or - up to 25 degrees is in your owners manual.  If you do not have one, click here:  

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