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I have an old Kenmore Heavy Duty Series 70 Automatic Washer, Model # 110.92273100.  

Just a few days ago the washer stopped spinning or agitating.  I took the entire cabinet off and lifted it up on some wooden blocks so I could what was going on underneath.  I started it and noticed that the motor is working fine and spinning, the coupling is also OK and spinning and I also see that the round metal clutch cover that is around the band and lining clutch is also spinning.

Now inside I notice that the both the upper and lower parts of the agitator auger somewhat spins or is trying to spin. If I put my hand on it it's enough to make it stop.  I also notice that the metal can inside the plastic tub (I think it's called the basket and balance ring assembly) will not spin at all.

The fact that the round metal clutch cover is spinning makes me think that the clutch and transmission (gearcase) are OK, but the fact that the metal can is not spinning and that I can stop the agitator from spinning makes me thing that either the clutch or gearcase are not OK.

I changed the clutch and gearcase about 3 years ago, I think I spent about $150-200 just for the part plus all the labor involved (which at that time seemed like a lot of work for me as it was the first time doing something like that).  I know it's an (very) older model but if it's worth it (labor and cost effective) I'd rather fix it than have to buy a new one right now but at the same time if I'm going to have to spend another $150-$200 so it will last me another 2-4 years before something goes wrong again, I think it's probably time for a new one.

Any help would be "GREATLY" appreciated.


(Sorry for the long story, just trying to give you as much detail as possible)

ANSWER: Pull the agitator and look where the tub connects to the inner spin tube.  Sometime I have seen where this nut loosens and even though the transmission is spinning, it is not spinning the inner tub.  Check this and let us know what you find.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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Thanks for the quick response.  So I did as you suggested and took off the complete agitator assembly.  The nut is tightly on there, not loose at all.  I turned on the machine without the agitator assembly and could see that the shaft of the transmission/clutch turns, barely.  I put a little of force on it with my fingers and could make it stop.

One other thing I forgot to mention previously, when I turn on the machine it makes a really loud noise as it's turning, like if something is hitting.  The fact that I could stop the shaft of the transmission/clutch while it's on and the loud noise makes me think that the transmission/clutch went bad again....

What do you think?  Any further advice?


ANSWER: It is possible the transmission is defective.  Have you actually removed the motor and checked the coupler and another thing that makes me hesitate before suggesting a repair s you said the clutch is actually spinning.  This indicates the clutch is slipping since the inner tub is not turning.  As far as agitate, if coupler is attached properly when the water level control is satisfied, the unit should agitate.   Eric

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QUESTION: Well I haven't remove the motor just yet, but I can visually see the coupling assembly turning.  Would that be sufficient to say that the motor is turning or do you still think I should take it off.

I would say that the coupling assembly is turning at a much faster and constant speed that the transmission shaft, the shaft barely turns and I can stop it if I put a bit of force on it.  Looking at how fast the coupling is rotating I would not even dare try and put my hand on it to try and stop it.

Any thoughts?  Would you still suggest I remove the motor and check the coupler further?

Less than a minute to take the motor out.  Lets do this and verify the drive coupling which has three pieces is actually good.  It should not slip on either the motor shaft or the transmission shaft.  In addition, the rubber coupling should not be ripped or torn.  

What did you find?


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