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my front loading machine will start filling up slowly, but it will not agitate or spin or start the wash cycle, the drum spins freely the belt is ok, i checked the the panel test, and I'm getting an e5e error message, in which I believe is the motor error message, but their is no sign of overheating, it doesn't seem to be getting the signal, because I don't hear anything like the motor overloading,is there a way of checking if it's the motor or a relay switch ?

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The model number you have submitted to us is incomplete or not correct for your unit.  In order for us to provide you accurate information and supply you with the correct manufactures part numbers , we will need the complete model number, serial number and batch or series numbers (if applicable) found on a business card size metal/foil plate.  If you are having difficulty locating this identification label, follow this link which will take you to our Website where we have pictures of common locations where your model number ID label can be found.  Here is the link:   Once you have the updated information, please reply to this email.  Eric Campion

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