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QUESTION: Im having a hard time with my Whirlpool Cabrio top loader washer WTW6700TW1 as it is going off balance in the spin cycle and reading UL. I have to restart it after trying to balance it. Any ideas of what need to be replaced...can I do it myself?..or hire a repairman? Any idea of fair value $$ for the job as well?


ANSWER: Hello Joules.....
         The first thing that comes to mind where there is an out of balance situation with that particular machine is an article of washing items between the inner and outer tubs.  I would pull the inner tub and find this item.  I really do not think anything needs to be replaced at this time.  Check this and let me know what you find.  As far as cost to have this repaired....If I were coming out to your home and everything went smoothly, around 100.00 to 150.00 considering the labor involved.  Each area has it's own rates so there is no standard rate across the united states.....even locally, rates vary.  

Good Luck and if I can help further, let me know.

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric Campion

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Well you lost a sale at the store when I called. I did not find any clothing between the tub and basket. I did ask for you but you were out. She basically said to go back to the internet because she does not answer questions in the store when they come from Allexperts. Sounds like she is fed up with the extra business. I just wanted to know if I should order the snubbers or the suspension rods as this was my next thought. But she abruptly said, I am not trying to be rude...but goodbye...Im busy here. I appreciate your may want to consider not putting your parts phone number connected to Allexperts. Its not helping your parts business.


Hello Joules,
         What part did you request to purchase?  We are a small Mom and Pop appliance parts warehouse with about 1/2 million parts in stock ready to ship.  As far as help in diagnosing your problem, she is very knowledgeable but these machines are relatively new and over the last few years have begun coming up with very unique problems.  In addition to the parts sales, we have a full service department, going into customers homes all day long repairing appliances there.  For now this is my job again as my tech/brother died in October and I am currently training a new tech.  If we helped each and every customer via the phone, we would never get anything done around here including waiting on local customers wanting to purchase appliances or parts.  We are ALWAYS busy and quite frankly do not have the staff to help all who call us wanting free help on the phone.  Via the internet, I normally help after I do a full day of in-home repair.  I hope this better helps you understand our policy.  The phone number says for PARTS Order only.  Not for continuing help with an already established On-line correspondence.  

Good Job taking your unit apart and checking between the tubs.  Since there was nothing there, I would have checked for the presence of water in the inner spin basket baffles.  You can check this by removing the tub once again and shaking it.  There should not be any water in the baffle.  This tub FLOATS much like an airplane landing on water and the baffles float the plane on water.  As the outer tub fills, the inner tub rises to disengage the gear that makes the unit spin and agitates only.  When the water leaves the unit, the tub drops and engages the gear and when the motor starts, the unit spins.  If the rotor positioning sensor does not sense tub movement it displays an error code.  Start a new cycle and keep an eye on the inner tub at the top between the splash guard and the top of the tub.  As it fills, the tub should raise almost a full 3/4 inch.  Does yours...

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

P.S. Please keep in mind we help pay our staff with earnings from parts sales.  Help us keep this valuable service free and order your parts from us. Visit our website for additional help at  or for Parts Order Only, Call 1-570-622-6441  

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