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QUESTION: I bought a older used GE gas stove to use in my basement, it was used with natural gas, I need to use it with LP gas. I found the orifice pod with the 4 orifices screwed to stove next to the regulator, I changed these and turned the nut all the way down at the stove/broiler burner. When I took the cap off of the pressure regulator it did not look at all like I thought it should. There was a black plastic part that was stuck to the cap when I turned it of, (just a stem with a flat top that fit right into and stuck to the cap. the regulator has a white plastic part that threads into the regulator, there is a spring under that, that will I could take out after I unscrewed the white plastic part but nothing in there to turn around like I was looking for. On the regulator it says 4 NAT, 10 LP. Is there something missing in my regulator or what do I need to do.
  By the way my stove is a GE model # JGBS03PPA 1WH and the regulator says Maxtrol on it.

ANSWER: All you have to do is remove the cap and the black plastic cap that was stuck to the cap, simply remove it and flip it over sticking it right back on the cap.  Screw this back in and are finished...

Eric Campion

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QUESTION: That sounds to easy, OK now since I already messed around with this thing how far should the white plastic part be screwed down into the regulator? Also does this sound right, when I connected it with everything just the way it is and opened the gas valve once to see if I get any gas it did not seem to blow at all, would that make sense or do you think I have another issue.

ANSWER: Might sound easy but that's the way it's done.  Did you mess with the plastic screw plug thingy and turn it at all?  Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes I did mess with it, I had it out and all the way in etc. I was wondering how do I know where it is supposed to be. OOOPS

Honestly.....I have know since the beginning of my career not to adjust the inner sleeve.  I don't even know who to send you to to figure that out.  I would simply replace it rather than taking a chance on the unit malfunctioning.  Part number is WB19K26 and through us if interested, cost would be 62.95.  Good Luck in your decision.  

Eric Campion  

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