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Major Appliances/ge spacermaker washing machine model wsls1100a


washer will not fill every thing else works.

Water Valve
Water Valve  
You are missing a few digits off the end of your model number but had enough for me to take a look at your unit.  You said the unit will not fill but does everything else.....Does it agitate?  Does it spin?  It is odd that both hot and cold water supplies would go out at the same time so there must be a common denominator between the two.  A pressure switch or sensor may be defective.  Here is a little troubleshooting you can do for yourself before calling in someone.  See attached picture

If I can help or answer an further questions, I am here.

Eric Campion

Hello David,
         Thanks for the rating....I am however disappointed.  First of all you supply me with a model number that is short and not specific to your unit.  I still do what I can to figure out what may be the problem.  Send you a little troubleshooting guide and request additional information.  You never respond and  give me a 1 on KNOWLEDGEABILITY.  I have forgotten more than most people know.  I do not get paid for this service I volunteer.  Ratings are my only reward.  Normally I get 60.00 an hour when I go out and repair daily but out of the goodness of my heart as well as the love of appliance repair, I help here.  Next time you rate someone, rate them honestly. Good Luck and I sincerely hope you resolve your problem.  

Eric Campion

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