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I have an intermittent problem with an older Sears Kenmore dryer (model 110.76870100).  Periodically, the dryer trips the circuit breaker.  So far, the only common symptom seems to be that the trip occurs when the timer (old, mechanical) is switching from the dry cycle to cool down.  On the setting where there is no cool down, the breaker doesn't seem to trip.  I have tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the problem by setting the timer to the area where the transition is made to cool down.  The dryer runs fine, there is no evidence of arcing or melted wires or other evidence of a short.  Another observation is that the circuit breaker does not "trip" where the handle moves to the middle position, however, pressing the breaker off and on restores current.  Also, the handle of the breaker does appear to not "click" with the same firmness as most circuit breakers.  My current thinking is to examine the timer immediately after the circuit breaker trips and see if I notice any evidence of arcing, however, it can be many cycles before it will trip.  Otherwise, I will likely replace the circuit breaker and see if that resolves the problem.  Any suggestions and advice is  appreciated.  Thanks.

Thanks for your request.....I agree with your diagnosis....A weak breaker could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.  If not the breaker, most likely the timer assembly which is part number 688907 but no longer available through us or any of our suppliers.  Replace the will need it for ther next dryer purchased....and since a high current item, a safety issue will be resolved.  Good luck.  If I can help further, I am here.   Eric Campion  

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