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Mr. Campion,
We bought this dryer, Model No. LER8648PWO in September 2004 and it recently stopped putting out any heat for any and all drying cycles.  We tried various scenarios to see if any heat was generated, all to no avail.  

Before the call to the dreaded repairman, do you have any trouble shooting hints for me to explore. The dryer has worked flawlessly up til now but maybe it is a goner after 9 years of loyal service.

Thanks you in advance for your time and consideration.

Hello John,
         There are quite a few things you can check as the consumer to determine the problem of a no heat situation on your dryer.  First thing however, you need a voltage meter.  Fortunately your unit's heat problems is mostly accessed from the rear of the unit 90 percent of the time.  You have a single panel front and your lint screen is located at the top of the dryer rather than inside the dryer door area. If your dryer is configured differently, this instructions are not for your model.  Please supply model number and we will instruct further. With a voltage meter, pull the unit away from the wall with the power cord attached.  Remove the cover in the area where the cord attaches to the dryer.  With voltage on your meter set to read over 250 volts, check the two outside terminals for the presence of 220 volts.  If you do not have 220 volts, the problem is not with the dryer but with the voltage supply.  Check this for a problem.  If you have 220 volts, look in this same area for burnt connections.  If all looks well, we will next, unplug the dryer and remove the rear panel.  Once removed, on the lower right hand side you will see the heater element.  Paying special attention to the wires going to this heating element you will see two thicker RED wires.  On the very lowest terminals which are the actual heating element terminals you will see either one or two red wires.  Regardless of which configuration, remove one red wire.  Set your voltage meter to read resistance and the place your terminal probes on each of the two terminals at the very bottom of your heating element.  Did the voltage meter (on your digital meter) or (the needle move on your analog meter) react?  If yes, the heating element is good and we must move to the next step.  FYI....If the heating element is defective, it must be physically broken.  You can remove this heating element by removing all wires connected to this heating element and then the two 1/4 screws located on each side of the heating element, left and right.  If unsure of your resistance test, remove the heating element and then check the entire coil for a physical break.  Is it broken?  If it is, you need to replace the heating element.  Part number is 279838 for the boxed style Whirlpool Family heating element.  If both your voltage is correct and your heating element is good, reply and we will instruct further.....

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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