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Hi Eric,

 You've helped me before with this fridge back in late October 2013, but i'm having another different issue with it now. Its an Amana ARB2557CSL refridgerator (s/n: 10339692CR). Back in October i replaced the start relay because it was fried. I also had to advance the defrost timer until i heard the fridge start up. i only had to turn it maybe 1/8". Well that was all back in October. Fridge worked up until a couple weeks ago..

Just a couple weeks ago i came home to find nothing getting cold, both fridge or freezer. The fridge vent was blowing air into it but it wasn't really cold. i looked in the freezer section and the entire back wall was covered with a thick layer of frost. so i read online to take everything out and let the fridge defrost over night. so i moved all the food to basement fridge and left the doors open for 24 hours unplugged. fridge was defrosted and warm, so i plugged it back in and waited for it to get cold then put food back in. That was last week, and now the freezer is working fine, but the fridge isn't getting cold at all. Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a defrost problem of some sort, usually either a bad heater element, a bad defrost timer or a bad defrost thermostat or it could be as easy as a blocked drain. What's probably happening is that there is still ice build up behind the evaporator panel in the freezer section that is blocking the flow of air into your fresh food section. That will cause the fresh food section to not be able to get cold.

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