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First off, I want to thank you right out of the gate for having this site. I was thrilled to find it considering I've been driving myself and my husband crazy trying to find out some information about a freezer that was in our home when we purchased it 3 years ago.
Here's all of the information that I found on the freezer:
Name: Signature Deluxe 25, From: Montgomery Ward, Made: U.S.A., Model-Serial Number: FFT899200B and below this number 27B-2219 then below that listed 10.5 and Refrigerant 12oz., then below that it listed this number LS 140 HS 235 lbs. test, H.P. 1/4, 115v, 60 Hertz, 4.3 Amps.  I also have this from the compressor: Compressor No. F99028, Overload No. F99021, Relay No. F99013 and 99019A.
I did take some measurements but I'm not sure how accurate that they are since I did it by myself. This is what I took from the outside: 34 1/2"T X 69 1/2"L X 27 1/2"W and on the inside: 65 1/2"L X 23 1/2"W X 30"D.
I tried doing the cubic foot measurements myself and I have to be doing something wrong because I know that you have to multiply H X W X D and divide by 12(inches) to get cubic foot to measure the inside of the freezer but it seems wrong for the size of the freezer.
I have no ideal how old this freezer is and whether or not I can even find parts for it. I asked a neighbor about it and they said that they don't even remember it being brought in the house and that they think that due to it's size that the original owner of the house had it put in before the top part of the house was built due to it's size.
I've checked every site that I can find including, Montgomery Ward's on-line site but haven't been able to find any information on this particular model so any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you.

Hello Lisa.....According to what I can find within my files, your freezer was manufactured in 1972....  A good one being that old......  Hope this help.  Please rate us if it does.....

Brand: Montgomery Ward
Type: Freezer
Country: USA
Model: FFT899200B
Serial: 27B2219
This product appears to have been manufactured February of 1972.

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric and Ann Campion

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