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QUESTION: I am getting an F1 code on a Frigidaire slide in range model # PLCS389DCB.It started by beeping and showing the code. The code would not clear and the touch pad was totally dead, although the beeping did stop. I replaced the timer board and things have changed. When I turn the power on the F1 code appears with a beep 1 to 2 seconds apart. This time the code clears and the oven, timer and clock are functional. It appears that the warmer is not working and there is a very rapid beep that will not clear. We checked the temperature sensor and it is faulty, so this will be the next part to replace. Is there anything else that I should be looking at?

ANSWER: First would be to be sure all the wires are properly installed correctly in their respective positions.  Check the wiring going to the warmer drawer and be sure the element is testing good.  I seriously doubt if the oven sensor is the culprit here as you said the oven is working....The warmer drawer is simply on or off so no temperature sensor is required.  How did you check the temperature sensor?  Normally when a unit fails, many items don't fail at once.  Go over the wiring again.  Let me know what you find.  

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QUESTION: I took the temperature sensor out and tested it with a digital ohm meter, across the two leads, at room temperature, at the lowest setting. From what I understand, it should have read between 1000 & 1100, but the meter did not move. And the meter is functioning properly.
Thanks Mike

ANSWER: You are correct....oven sensor should rear 1100 ohms at 72 degrees.  If you do not read anything, an error code F-3 normally appears in the display which you did not mention.  Try reading the ohms again making sure you get good connections and it is out of circuit.  Eric

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I installed a new temperature sensor today and I am up and running. I checked the new sensor before installing and got the correct reading. So it turned out to be a bad board and temperature sensor at the same time. Guess you can no longer say that you never saw more than one component go at the same time.
  Thanks for your help Mike

Glad you are up and running but after all these years repairing, something odd occurred there.  The control board cannot take out the oven sensor and the oven sensor cannot take out the control board.  There is no damaging voltage in this circuit.  Rough handling while removing the oven sensor could damage it and the list goes on.  Bottom line is you resolved the problem yourself and that deserves a big pat on the back.  Good Job...      Eric

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