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QUESTION: Thank you for replying on my WJRR4170E1WW GE washer question. I did run a load of hot water only for at least three minutes without clothes and there were virtually no suds when I opened lid. The machine seems to drain all it's contents of water fine when it is time for it to drain and spin. It's just that most of the time anymore when it begins it's spin, the soapy suds are not being pumped out and therefore the area between the outer plastic tub and the stainless steel drum fills with suds and does not drain out well at all. When it does that, I restart a drain-spin cycle and usually after one or two tries it will finally pull out all the suds that can be seen with the front off fine. I sense that you may be thinking that there is a soapy build up obstructing the suds from being pumped out by the pump. But I would not have thought so seeing as it seems to pump out all the water from a large load when the time comes for it to drain and spin. Maybe this doesn't mean that there is not still some obstruction build up preventing the soapy suds from draining once the tub has drained it's load of water, I don't know. I would be happy to purchase the part I need from you if we can determine what is wrong. I maybe should disconnect the drain hose from the bottom of washer tub and see if I can detect any buildup of soap scum. I guess just because the water seems to drain fine maybe doesn't nessasarily mean that the soap will if a slight clog is present. Thank you so much again for the advice and I can see where you were maybe thinking a soap scum buildup is preventing my soapy suds from being pumped out. I will pull hose off and check that when I get a chance and will let you know it I find any build up of any kind....

      Not thinking of a slight blockage.  After reading your response, I am thinking on two lines here....First, you are using way too much soap for each load or you do not have a cold water rinse working properly.  If you start with an empty machine and turn the temperature dial to a cold cold setting, does cold water actually come into your machine?  The output size of the drain line at the base of the outer tub is approximately 1-1/2 inches.  If water drains out there is not a problem in this area.  A logical thought...go to your kitchen sink and plug the drain.  Squirt a shot of dawn dish liquid in the basin.  Turn on the hot water.  It will suds and pretty soon you will not know where the water level is in the sink.  Once the suds reaches the top of the sink, using a kitchen tool as not to burn yourself, remove the drain so the water drains out of the basin.  What is left?  SUDS.  If you use your sprayer with hot water it will take a while to get the suds out of there.  Using cold water will remove the suds pretty quickly.  Check your machine to be sure cold water is coming into the machine for rinse cycles.  Let us know what you find.  


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QUESTION: Eric, first, I will try to make this the last time of bugging you for your expert advice which I thank you very much for :) What I have thought of lately is that it did seem like when the wife did a load of towels in warm water which is soft water as well, it obviously did make the suds quite heavy. The first load she did today were jeans etc in maybe cold water which I could see with the front off that on the first drain spin cycle the suds were quite minimal and there was no problem. But the next load was towels with warm water. And sure enough when the first drain spin cycle occurred, it drained all water out fine like it usually did, then when it started it's constant spin the heavy suds and watery mix climbed up towards the top of the tub and would not get pulled out by the pump. So I restarted same load with cold, which by the way, I am sure my hot and cold are working correctly during rinse etc, and when the time came for it to drain and spin I had basically same problem. While it was spinning fast, and with the watery suds level about half way up the tub, I kept rapping on the pump for several seconds and finally all of a sudden it pulled out the soapy water that had been staying about half way up the tub. That has happened two times now and so I had wondered if maybe there was some reason that maybe my pump was not working as efficiently as it did years ago any maybe needs replaced? I had just thought that even if the suds were excessive that the pump would still expel all of it if it was working correctly. We have had the machine about 7 years and I can't remember this ever being an issue. Could the pump lose it's ability to expel sudsy water? Or does that electric pump either work or not work? I did connect my meter to it and it always showed 120 VAC during operation. The thing I was curious about is to why it all of a sudden pulled out all the sudsy water that had been remaining half way up the tub after rapping on the pump during it's drain attempt. Again, I really do thank you so much for giving me the input you have as we don't really have the luxury of going out and buying a new one. I would definitely recommend your site to anyone I know that is in need of help with an appliance and will be happy to donate something as well if the wife is o k with that :) I may write you one last time soon to let you know how things go. At this point my only two thoughts are that as you said, the soap suds are just too much for the pump to expel or possibly the pump has maybe lost it's efficiency of being able to pull out a large amount of sudsy water. Thank you so much again and God bless..

ANSWER: Thanks for your response.....It is possible the impeller over the years has passed some items through it causing the impeller to wear.  I can tell you this is not under normal circumstances.  When the unit is empty, simply remove the pump and inspect the impeller.  Also....keep in mind, the pump does not pull water out of the tub, it pumps it out the drain.  Gravity pulls the water (and SUDS) out of the of the tub while the pump does not take over until the water is in the pump from the gravity putting it there.  I am sure there is a little pull much like syphoning gas....once started it will flow by itself as long as it is not too high.  When diagnosing....stand back and look at the big picture.  Let me know if you find anything in the pump....check for lint and any of the paddles on the impeller broken.  Let me know what you find.  Eric

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QUESTION: Eric thank you for your quick reply. I do feel more convinced about the pump being funny somehow. I do like taking things apart and figuring out what is wrong with them and getting the satisfaction of fixing something. I mostly have worked on cars for almost 40 years. Now on this last load of towels, I did a large load of them in warm water but in the Tide cap I only went to line 2 instead of 3 like the wife does. The suds seemed quite minimal during agitation. As the first wash cycle finished, it drained all water and spun out fine without issues. Now on the first spin out it does not introduce fresh water to rinse the clothes at all and the first spin out is not quite as fast as the second one. Funny thing is, is that after it refilled with cold water, it did the usual agitation then it drained fine until empty, then after it got spinning the problem occurred when it introduced fresh water in to kind of rinse the soap out a bit. That is when maybe about 8 inches of white soapy water rose from the bottom of the tub and stayed for 10 to 15 seconds as it spun fast. I started rapping on the pump fairly hard and all of a sudden the 8 inches of white I could see through the tub drained down fairly quickly. That convinced me moreso that something is funny about the pump. Anyway, I did check searspartsdirect and I believe they want about $43.00 for the pump. I will take it out again and check it over a bit closer this time. I would be happy to purchase it through you if I need one. I don't of course know what your price would be yet but I would imagine in the same ball park. The machine again is a GE Model# WJRR4170E1WW Ser#MH189859G. Hey on another note, I chuckled a bit as I read some of the posts people leave you such as the landlord who's tenant thought that something was very wrong when they ran their clothes dryer and the wheel outside on the meter was spinning like a top. Your reply was for the landlord to have the tenant come over and watch the meter as she or he turns on their dryer LOL. Using 240 tends to do that. Anyway, take care where ever you all live at. We live here in the central Ohio area and can't wait for winter to be finished with. I will let you know what I can see with that pump once I get it out again which probably won't be until tomorrow. Take care again.....

Don't buy that pump just yet....There was something in the paragraph above that caught my attention....  There could be some thing between the inner and outer tub such as a hanky, small sock or some other small piece of cloth that covers the drain hole and then moves to allow water into the hole, covers again....  This seems more likely than the pump working and then not working.   Do you know how to take the machine apart and remove the inner tub....Since the tub is opake.  You may be able to fill a little with water and tilt the tub forward to see if anything moves in there.....Get it to the drain hole hose and pull out.....   Just another thought....     Eric

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