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QUESTION: The microwave, clock and self cleaning on the oven do not work.  The oven works perfectly.  We have replaced the fuse in the microwave.  Everything worked for about 10 - 15 seconds and stopped.  I guess something caused the fuse to blow again.

ANSWER: During the 10-15 seconds when the microwave looks like it is working.  Do you hear any strange loud humming sounds?  Replaced the fuse one more time but this time, do not set the microwave to operate.  Try setting the clock and then see if the uniut will go into self clean...which I think it will....LEt me know.....Eric

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I don't recall a strange loud humming sound.  What I remember is the microwave just stopped working, just like a power failure...which are not uncommon in Florida.  We replaced the fuse as you suggested.  We set the clock and the self clean.  Both work well.  I have not started the microwave again.  Will wait for your next direction.  Thank you very much!!!

ANSWER: At this point we know the problem is with the microwave portion of the unit.  Changing a fuse is one thing but testing hi-voltage components in a potential of 4000 voltage is another thing.  Do you have a voltage meter and know how to use it?  Do you know how to discharge a hi-voltage capacitor?   Eric

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QUESTION: We (my dad - electrician, 90 years old, and I) have a voltage meter and he knows how to use it.  I am not sure about discharging a hi-voltage capacitor.  Will read about it on internet and talk with my dad.  Is that the next step - discharge and replace the hi-voltage capacitor? Sara

I have no clue....Discharging the capacitor will prevent you from getting knocked across the room as the result of a 4000 volt shock....even with the unit unplugged for 24 hours hours.  I'd rather not offer advice to people who are not familiar with the high voltage systems inside the microwave.  I suggest you call in a certified appliance company to take it from here.  I would feel terrible if you or someone got hurt attempting to repair a potentially dangerous problem in a microwave.  


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