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QUESTION: I have a GSS25JFMD GE side by side unit. 6 mos. ago the refrigerator side began warming up, freezer was (and is now) fine. Repairman charged $230 to thaw out the coils on the freezer side and replaced a sensor that clipped to the coil tubing. Unit worked OK for 60 days and froze up again. Called repairman again, came out and replaced main logic board and thawed out again.  Charged me for part only. Unit worked 60 days, froze up again.  Repairman came out, thawed out again and replaced heater at bottom
of coils on freezer side.  Worked another 60 days now froze up again. I am tired of paying this guy for parts that do not fix the problem but for 60 days or so. Please help me determine whether to trash this unit (only 7 yrs. old) or what can be done if anything to fix it for good.

ANSWER: Is the freezer side blocked with frost again or is something else wrong?  Main logic board?  Where is this located?  When replacing the heater did he also replace the defrost terminator?  Did you hear fans running in the freezer section?  Keep in mind....the refrigerators gets it's cold from the freezer section.  When a frost restriction occurs in the freezer section, it simply blocks air from being diverted to the refrigerator.  There is also an electronic damper control in the refrigerator section that opens and closes depending whether the refrigerator needs to be colder.  Check these items and be as descriptive as you can.  Help us help you....


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QUESTION: Yes, the freezer side is always blocked with ice keeping the air from passing thru. The main board is located on the back of the refrigerator, there is an access panel you remove in order to replace this board. When the ice is removed and the unit starts working normally for 60 days or so, the damper opens and closes fine. Fans are always running normally in the freezer section. When the heater was replaced I don't remember anything being said or done about a defrost terminaor. Hope this helps.

ANSWER: Do you have a voltage meter and know how to use it?  If so, check the defrost terminator for continuity while it is cold.  If it does not have continuity when cold, it is defective.  Let us know what you find.  Eric

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QUESTION: I have a volt/ohm meter and know how to use it. However I have no idea where the defrost terminator is located. Help me out on this and I will check it.

The defrost terminator is located in the freezer section behind the rear panel clipped to the top portion of the evaporator (the silver coils that are frosting up).  I have attached a picture for your visual comparison.  This item must be checked cold for continuity.  If even semi warm, it will read open and you will thing it is defective.  Let me know what you find.


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