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QUESTION: The bucket on my Kenmore refrigerator is almost impossible to remove. It's the model on the freezer door, the side by side. It is about one year old and has been that way since new. There is a button to push on the side to disengage it but it does not seem to do it's job. It has worked if I persist for a long time but it seems that it is defective. Have you seen this and is there an easy fix?

ANSWER: In order for us to provide you accurate information and supply you with the correct manufactures part numbers , we will need the complete model number, serial number and batch or series numbers (if applicable) found on a business card size metal/foil plate.  If you are having difficulty locating this identification label, follow this link which will take you to our Website where we have pictures of common locations where your model number ID label can be found.  Here is the link:   Once you have the updated information, please reply to this email.  Eric Campion

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QUESTION: The fridge is a Coldspot Model # 106.58142801
Series HR02883265 Manufactured July 2010

Thanks for the model number....I have worked on quite a few of this similar model but have never run into a sticking ice bucket.  I would be looking at the flapper door chute the ice comes out of for proper sealing.  If not sealing properly, warm air from the room seeps through and freezes.  Next, check the locking latch and make sure it moves freely.  Using a hair dryer, run it around the base of the bucket until ice melts and then remove it.  Empty out all the ice and inspect the bucket itself for a possible crack or misalignment in the lever area.  Something is making it stick.  Finally, allow the bucket to complete dry prior to re-installing it and make sure the area the bucket seats into is free of ice or any other build up.  Let me know what you fine.  

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