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QUESTION: I have a Magic Chef oven/range.  The numbers are blurry but it looks like model # 351.  the two big burners are not workiing well.  I have to push the elements in hardto  make them work.  Often that does not work so I twist them, take them out and put them back in and put them in at different angles.  In other words, whatever works.  This has happened to this range before and I have gotten either/ and new burners or new sockets for the burners. at least once before on this stove.  The stove we had before this did the same thing with the big burners and usually the front one, which we use the most.  I get tired of putting in new burners and sockets.  Is there a better and easier and cheaper way to do this?


ANSWER: Most likely new receptacles and new burners at the same time.  When they are not seated properly, the terminal blacks burn thus burning the ends of the elements that slide into the receptacle.  After replacing always be sure the burners are seated properly for a long lasting operation of your new burners and receptacles.  Good Luck, Eric

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QUESTION: Sorry this took so long to get back to you.  This is not the first time this has happened.  We have replaced the burners on this stove twice and the former stove 3 times.  It always seems to be the big burners. Whenever I take the burners out I put them in tight.  However, sometimes the receptacles seem to be loose or not quite hold the burners in properly and if we move a pan on the burner then it seems to move the burner and then the receptacle.   I can replace the receptacle and burner but is there a way to stablilize the receptacle and burner so this will not happen again?


The individual burner system consists of the burner itself, the receptacle and most importantly, the drip tray.  All need to be original manufacture replacements.  Most often, the drip pans are replaced and then the element does not fit quite right.  Over a few months since the burner is not seated properly, the ends of the burner are not making good contact in the receptacle and then slightly arcs...a continuing process until you have the irritating problems.  Once started, most often all three items need to be replaced and on a unit as old as yours is, it will be costly.  If I can help further....    Eric  

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